Beat em up Flash Games

War of the Clowns

\'War Of The Clowns\' is a strange but funny beat em up game. Use clown props to avoid and fight off the other clowns. ...(more)

Mug Smashers

A good old retro hand to hand fist fighting game. Go smash a few mugs dude! ...(more)

Fury Officer

Release your caged fury on the boss and co-workers in your office building in this fighting game 'Fury Officer'. ...(more)

Whip the Worker

Looking for some stress relief? Here's a game to beat that fellow employee or boss senseless....(more)

Mario Combat Deluxe

Play as Super Mario and smash and beat up enemies to score points....(more)

British Bulldog

Pass the time playing a game of British Bulldog and fighting with your schoolmates. ...(more)

Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition

Practice your kicks and punches and enjoy this all time classic fighting game ...(more)

Capital Caveman

Use your hands and beat up the caveman in this silly game! ...(more)

Celebrity Bash

Let off a little steam by bashing some deserving celebrities. Punch Kanye West, Paris Hilton or Lady Gaga....(more)

Santa Fu

Mix Santa Clause with Kung Fu skills in this retro style game....(more)

Mad Karate Man

Work off some energy with kicks and punches to your opponent's body....(more)

It's a Monster

Pick up children and objects and throw them at enemies....(more)